If you love serendipity this is for you!

If you love serendipity this is for you!

If you love serendipity this is for you!

A few weeks back I mentioned .....

I needed LOVE stories for my new bridal clients. You would think I was asking to win the lottery without buying a ticket. I am finding all this great material but it's related to love but not appropriate for newly engaged gals. Here is one of my favs (but two for the strong of heart).

In the 18th and early 19th century divorce was illegal in England but there was no shortage of unhappy marriages. No problem! Easy Peesy! Bring your wife to the local pub and ask the patrons if anyone was interested in your wife for four pints of beer. Done! If the wife was particularly happy with her new husband she too would buy her old husband and his friends a beer. Sounds quite civilized with a bit of misogyny for flavor! Giving new meaning to bringing home a six pack, Don't ya think?

My hubby says I should just quit now and guide you to my new design (Below) but you know me I just can't resist the creativity of this next story. So if you don't like sad but interesting things just skip to the bottom.

Now for the best - The Broken Relationship Museum in Croatia. Click the Pic for this incredibly creative video.

So all is well except you may have missed the name of the first piece of the museum owners that put the wheels in motion for the museum? The affectionate name I call my Husband - HONEY BUNNY! Oh know what does this mean???

New Bubble Design this week. Do you like?

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