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If You're a Fan of Coincidences, This is for YOU!

Carol Tenwalde

As you know I'm a huge fan of coincidences. (I often call them serendipity.)  Here are 7 Historical Coincidences that I did not know but are really jaw dropping.

1. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson Both Died on the 50th Anniversary of Independence Day

2. John Wilkes Booth's Brother Saved the Life of Abraham Lincoln's Son

3. Mark Twain Entered and Exited the World With Halley's Comet

4. The Car That Brought About WWI Also Predicted its End

5. Wilmer McLean Hosted the First Major Battle and Formal Conclusion of the Civil War

6. Two Versions of “Dennis the Menace” Surfaced on the Same Day

Saving the Best for Last:

7. The “Jim Twins” Led Remarkably Similar Lives

Please click the Pic above or HERE for all the details. Had you known any of these coincidences?

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