I'm choosing Positivity! You?

I'm choosing Positivity! You?

I'm choosing Positivity! You?

I was't going to start out with how these are tough times....

but I guess I just did. Sorry! Instead I wanted to show you this amazing photograph that gives me hope that God is watching over us. (Even though it may not feel like it!)

This is Crater Lake in Iceland. Also know as God's Eyeball Lake. It gives me a sense of calm and I hope it does you too.

Curiously, I recently took an Iris Folding Workshop from Lynda Abare. Here is an example:


It is really much easier than it looks and is very relaxing in these times. I highly recommend finding a class.

You may be wondering why it is called Iris Folding? The final image you create resembles the lens aperture on your camera. Here is my note card:

Be Safe Everyone!

Let's chat soon,

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