I'm Having a Bad Hair Month.....

I'm Having a Bad Hair Month.....

I'm Having a Bad Hair Month.....

I have a friend that needs a filter more than I?

She is an amazing woman but she manages to top me time and time again with outrageous comments. Sadly, they are almost always appropriate but OUCH!

We are out to dinner the other night and I look in the mirror and ask her if she thinks my bangs are too long. Without blinking she says, "Not if you're Donald Trump!"  OOOooo! I promptly asked the waiter for a napkin to put over my head. I would have slinked out but she was driving.

I will not show you a pic of my bangs (enough humiliation!) and God knows you don't need a pic of The Donalds.

So this got me thinking about hair signatures throughout the centuries. Two of the most notable involved Queen Elizabeth I and her brother King Charles I.

Queen E. wore a rat's tail like braid of Charle's hair to show her loyalty and Charles started the Pompadore and the Van Dyke moustache.  Haters of Charles shaved their heads and became known as RoundHeads.

Click the pic if you would like to read the full story but the rats tail inspired these creations. I know they are a stretch but remember last week's email about chaos and creativity?


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