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I'm such a sucker for......

Carol Tenwalde

I'm such a sucker for things that point to extremes....

Like the smallest or the largest. It started in grade school when I got competitive with my neighbor, Keith. We were both in 4-H and wanted to win a metal at our County Fair for growing something HUGE.  Keith wanted to grow pumpkins but the fair was in July and pumpkins are at their max in the Fall. He settled on zucchini. I wanted to grow tomatoes but Dad said that would be too iffy. My grandmother saved the day when she informed me that she had found a source for giant Zinnia seeds. Keith and I spent hours in the library trying to learn everything we could about how to grow the biggest and the best. Today's kids would just say Google It Carol Ann!

Kieth and I practically slept with our plants and we protected them like they were diamond mines. I'll spare you all the gory fertilizer tricks but yes my Dad's trick of putting Catfish around the roots was involved.  As judgement day approached we became hyper vigilant. My dear brother, Mark was 3 at the time and he new something big was going on but he really didn't understand exactly what. All he knew is that my Zinnia's were special. So when his little friend Bonnie fell off her bicycle and broke her arm he cut my priced Zinnia and gave it to her. How could I be mad? The good news is Keith did take first prize.

In this vain I thought I would share with you this years Guinness Book of Records for the largest Cherry grown in Italy. It is a whopping 5 inch circumference or the size of an apricot. (Click Pic for All the Details)

I feel like I need to make something HUGE!

There's no such thing as too much BLING!!!

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