Is Fibbing Ever Justified? (It sounds better than lying!)

Is Fibbing Ever Justified? (It sounds better than lying!)

Is Fibbing Ever Justified? (It sounds better than lying!)

My second job out of college was fabulous but I would never tell anyone....

Initially I was so proud to be a sales rep for Xerox. I loved it! But soon I stopped telling people who I worked for. Not because I was ashamed but because I got sick of hearing about all the things that got copied and distributed around their offices. How many butt cracks and boobs could there be?

So it will come as no surprise to you that I NEVER EVER told anyone what my first job was. Wait for it....

High School Math Teacher. Yep! That was me. You tell someone (especially a possible date) that I taught math and they would look at me like I enjoyed drinking embalming fluid. If you are or are married to a math person I suspect you know what I am talking about. People just assume numbers people are BORING!

All these years later I got such a chuckle out of this little ditty called the Pythagoras Cup. You're right it's Pythagoras of Right Triangle Fame! Even I wouldn't think of him as a jokester.  Here is the story:

The Pythagorean Cup is a trick cup. It’s a small cup with a column in its center. It doesn’t look like much, but when an unsuspecting drinker fills it past a designated level, the liquid mysteriously drains out. Legend has it that Pythagoras used it as a way to punish greedy drinkers who poured themselves too much wine. I would have been busted for sure!

So now you have empirical truth that Number's People do have a sense of Humor! If you email me back I will tell you what I told people I did for a living!

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