Just How Well Do You Know Your Mother?

Just How Well Do You Know Your Mother?

Just How Well Do You Know Your Mother?

I have an amazing relationship with my Mother...

or so I have thought. It's almost scary. I have a thought or an idea in the middle of the night and call her the next day to ask about it and she leads with the same subject. It happened just the other day regarding a weird factotum about my Dad. We call each other Psychic Sisters. I must also tell you I am the family historian. Maybe that comes with the territory of being the oldest but my memory has been severely challenged these last few months as I am dealing with health issues with both of my beloved parents.The medical and insurance forms are staggering. One such form request was my parent's Marriage License. Are You Kidding Me? That was 68 Years ago and at least 20 moves. This is where it helps to have a banker/record keeper extraordinaire in the family as Mom knew exactly where it was. In looking at the document I came to find out my Dad is married to Bernice Mary. Who? Mom calmly says, "That's my real name." What????? For 88 years she has been called Vera. Makes me wonder what else I don't know. I will be visiting Ohio in a few weeks and plan on having a very long history lesson from my Psychic Sister!!! Maybe next time I'll tell you about the Great Family Massacre.
A couple of take a ways from the above. If you are blessed as I am to still have your parents or have children and grand children please tell them about your history. In this age of Social Media kids feel like they know you because of where you ate dinner last night. So sad! We are losing the fabric of who we are as Americans. Okay I'll get off my soapbox but please consider it.
Secondly, if you have aging parents and are dealing with the myriad of issues this entails, I highly recommend reading Being Mortal by Atul Gawande. I so wished I had read this book at the beginning of my family journey.
So without going into the long story my Mother has much to be thankful for and truly believes all of our prayers have paid off. So she asked me to make her something with a cross pendant but still had a little Bling. How could I refuse!!!

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  • Pam: June 19, 2017

    Love this, Carol. Nor did I know Vera’s given name! I agree whole-heartedly; we are definitely losing the family fabric. A couple years ago, we helped my mom & dad move, which entailed packing up all the family heirlooms and momentos from my parents’ lives. I took ALL of it, because family is that important to me. My mom asked: “what are you going to do with all this, Pam?” To which I replied, “Mom, it’s a part of our family! Why wouldn’t I keep it?” To which she replied, " and what will happen to it when you’re gone?"—-and you know what? I didn’t have a good answer for her, because that family connection/history pretty much ends with me. How sad.

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