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Just When You Thought Things Couldn't Get Any Stranger!!!

Carol Tenwalde

June is known as the Wedding Month.

Last week I am waiting to get my hair cut watching my stylist practicing possible hair styles for a soon to be wed bride. While waiting, Wobble Jaws here, strikes up a conversation with this British lady sitting next to me. She proceeds to tell me this story about her daughter who is going through a horrible divorce. Truthfully, I am only half listening as there is really nothing new in the story until she mentioned that she blames herself for the divorce. Okay, I'm now hooked as I am imagining all kinds of sordid details. She explains that in an effort to cut the cost of the wedding she didn't hire a Chimney Sweep. Hugh????  It turns out that in Britain it is a custom to hire a Chimney Sweep to bless the wedding.
Everyone knows that a luck-seeking bride needs things old, new, borrowed, and blue. But in Britain, if you’re trying to tip the scales toward wedded bliss, you’d best make sure you also have a genuine chimney sweep. For a small fee, often around £100, you can ensure that one shows up to shake the groom’s hand, kiss the bride, take photos, and generally spread sooty cheer. Who knew?

So here are a few of my new Bridal designs for June!

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