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Let's Learn a New Word!

Carol Tenwalde

So I am a numbers person....

But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate words. Last week I got an interesting article from my friend Gail about Turtle Tear Lickers. What??? (Carol do you make this stuff up?)

The article contained a word I have never heard of: Commensalism Do you know? Before we delve into the word the video I am about to show you was described as "One of the most bizarre, strange, beautiful, fascinating things I have ever seen in my entire life." How can you resist?

So now you know and this is a prime example of our word for the day:  

Commensalism - where two species interact and one benefits; the other is unhurt, but doesn't benefit in any way. There are so many in nature but sadly I wonder why I can't find any examples in human nature. Hmmm!

I've been busy this week with three new designs. Two courtesy of Jesse James Mystery Box:

Kind of proud as they were featured on the Jesse James website.

This is my take on Butterflies AKA Tear Lickers!


Let's chat soon,


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