Let's take a trip! I'll drive!!!

Let's take a trip! I'll drive!!!

Let's take a trip! I'll drive!!!

I don't know about you but the walls are starting to close in....

Arizona is just starting to ease some of the restrictions but we are not anywhere close to being back to normal. Last weekend, I was really antsy so I suggested we go for a drive. Well, it turns out all of the parks, lakes and rivers are closed so I decided to bring them to you.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Na Pali Coast, Hawaii

Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

Angel Oak, South Carolina

If you would like to see all 15 of the Most Beautiful Places in the United States please click HERE. Think of the gas we saved!!!

Here are a few colorful necklaces I have made lately. Let me know if you like them? Click Pic for more details.


Be Safe Everyone!

Let's chat soon,

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