Looking for Color?

Looking for Color?

Looking for Color?

At last the heat has broken!

I used to think that I was flexible but then Covid hit and the need for being flexible with your schedule vanished. How much flexibility do you need to go to Yoga, Post Office and the Grocery Store?  For a year and half my Covid uniform was a Tee Shirt or Sweatshirt (depending on the time of year) and yoga pants. So a few days ago when  the temperature dropped down from the high 90s to the 50s I literally panicked. I had and important appointment and yoga pants were not appropriate. 

When I finally decided what to wear I had to ask my hubby if I looked like Nanook of the North. It is just amazing how simple decisions become so daunting after being shut down for so long. When I go into my closet, I feel like I'm at Macy's with too many options!!!

So now that I'm settling into Fall, I thought you might enjoy this article about 5 Underrated Foliage Destinations in the US. Click Pic or HERE.

After looking at these beautiful spots, I'm a bit homesick for Ohio!

Getting ready for Hidden in the Hills in Nov. and the Holidays, I made the following: (Click Pic for Details)



Still time to  checked out my friend Carolyn Brockhaus's new Website. Carolyn sells amazing clothing at even MORE amazing prices. Hurry as her show season is starting and I would hate for her not to have your size!

We FINALLY opened our new website!

Carolyn with August Brock Fashions

wants you to be one of the first to know!

 There's no such thing as too much BLING!!!

Be Safe and Let's Chat Soon,


Visit: BlingBeadedBaubles.com

PS If you know of anyone who might enjoy this romp, please sign them up HERE!


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