Luke Vincentini's Creative Cakes

Make Them Eat Cake!

Luke Vincentini's Creative Cakes

Can you remember the last time you had dessert?

On yesterdays Zoom call someone mentioned that they had made their favorite dessert which brought cries of horror. With all the Pandemic Tonnage out there how can you eat dessert? No one in the group came to her defense except the other Twiggy on the call. (At least they appear to still be Twiggy's from the chest up! Ha!)

Then coincidentally my Hubby sends me this video from Luke Vincentini. Click Pic to watch.

I hope you enjoyed this and think of all the calories you saved! What is your favorite? I can't decide between the steak and the Chinese Food. 

Working a new freshwater pearl design. Like? Click Pic for more details.

Thanks to Lady GaGa 2021 is becoming the year of the Brooch. Here are a few new ones made from recycled India Saris. Click Pic for Video!

For more details please click HERE.

There's no such thing as too much BLING!!! 

Be Safe and Let's Chat Soon,


PS If you know of anyone who might enjoy this romp, please sign them up HERE!


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