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My Brain Malfunction!

Carol Tenwalde

By now you have figured out that I like to tell stories. This weekend I'm working at the Gallery and a lovely woman and her grandson come in. We start yacking and suddenly she kind of blurts out that she was a High School Math Teacher for 25 years. Those who know me well know she's opened the barn door now.

Fortunately, for you, I will give you the very short version as I have something more interesting for you. 

I did my High School math student teaching in the final quarter of my senior year in college. I HATED IT! No one ever told me the 16 year olds where more interested in dating, fashion and dating then Geometry or Calculus. Duh! So the first chance I got I headed to the counselors office and announced I need to be refurbished. Teaching was not for me. The counselor looks at my education and announces I could be and Actuarialist.  Thinking Aerialist,I proceed to tell her I can barely jump, let alone fly through the air! When she stops laughing, she explains that I could work for an Insurance Company and figure out when people were going to die. I said I'm 22 years old and do not want to spend the rest of my life obsessed with death. This is how I became a math teacher. (Only for 2 years though until Xerox saved me!)

At last this brings me to Miss La La and Degas. Miss La La was the first woman aerialist in 1879. She was preforming high in the sky and suspended from a rope she was clenching in her teeth. Degas was in the audience that night and painted one of his most famous paintings seen below. Click the pic to read the entire story. So now you know!

New Pieces for Spring! Click Pic for more detail!


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