My Don Draper is Awake At Last!

After my last post I promised "Not so Easy Peasy!" This was to be about all of the trials and tribulations of having an online biz and blog. Translation: Too much material.

So I decide to break it down into segments of frustration!

Segment 1: Advertising on Facebook.

If you have listened to any webinar on FB advertising you know the mantra is to give FB hundreds of dollars so you can create ads that are designed to entice people to give you their email address. Theory being that if you have their email address you can continue to market to them.  Sound easy enough.  Let's go. Oh! but wait. There are a few more moving parts you need to acquire and learn. You need to choose an email provider, then you need an conversion integrator like Leadpages, and then you have to learn Canva so you can create those dazzling expensive ads, integrate all this to your online store and then the Mother of learning curves is Facebook itself.  I have renamed Facebook to Facef---! (I must have been a sailor in my past life!) Instagram, Etsy and Pinterest have to wait.

Do you sense a little frustration? Thank goodness you didn't have to live with me during this period but my poor husband.... I hope you enjoy my FB advertising segment.

Ever since I started my online store and Facebook advertising I have been trying to engage my husband. It's not like he doesn't have an EXTENSIVE background in Sales and Marketing. He did software start ups in Silicon Valley - for Pete's sake. Every inquiry was met with: I don't know anything about beading and jewelry or Facebook. ARRGGH! Wake up Don Draper, please! To be fair he was willing to be part of my Silk Purse to Sows Ear Series. See Photo Below: Unfortunately, the Silk part didn't happen. Last night OUT of the BLUE he utters those beautiful words: Honey, why don't you try...... Brilliant! Mr. Draper so glad you're awake! Why didn't I think of that about 6 aggravating  months ago. ARRGGH2! 

Let's Chat Soon, Carol

PS I can't be alone. Please share your stories with me.  Misery Loves Company!


  • Wenzanne: August 22, 2016

    I haven’t even got to the Facebook stage – getting to grips with Instagram and sharing stuff on Pinterest. The next step is setting up an email list and I am putting that off because it is so confusing (or is that just me?)

  • twistedsisterweb: August 22, 2016

    If and when you decide to go the email route do yourself a favor and sign up for Samantha’s free webinar at Retail Marketing Academy. You’ll have an opportunity to get the program for 1/2 price at the end but I’m telling you it is well worth the cost. If I remember correctly it is about $200. She provides you with really detailed modules that you work thru at your own pace. Twice a month she has an online q and a. I have a tech background and without her help I just would have blown hundreds of dollars. I hope this helps! Carol

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