My Path to McPhee. Come Join Me!!!

My Path to McPhee. Come Join Me!!!

My Path to McPhee. Come Join Me!!!

Are you familiar with all the Pathfinders do for children?

Neither did I until I was invited to be a vendor for their 60th Jubilee Gala last night at Thunderbird Country Club. Palm Springs Pathfinders is one of the Valley’s oldest non-profit organizations.

They are an all-volunteer organization of women who fund raise and bring awareness to two organizations, Boys and Girls Club of Palm Springs and Pathfinder Ranch located in Garner Valley. They were started by and for women in 1957 in Palm Springs by Margaret Manasse and 12 of her good friends. Palm Springs Pathfinders has always been dedicated to helping underprivileged children in the Valley. It's a wonderful philanthropic organization and please click here if you would like to know MORE.

As a vendor we were treated to the beautiful voice of Katherine McPhee. Do you remember Katherine? She was American Idol's 5th Season Sensation. If you were an American Idol junkie like me here is a walk down memory lane:
McPhee's Audition 
McPhee Sings with Bocelli

And now the drum roll please! The evenings best sellers!

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