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Never too old to learn a new thing or two!

Carol Tenwalde

When you live in the desert conversations about snakes are far from rare....

but San Francisco? Specifically SFO Airport??? I need to start at the beginning. Back in the late 70's I was so anxious to start my new life in San Francisco. It was time to to shed the Hick from Ohio persona. I can still remember landing in SFO. First we flew over the beautiful bay with SF glistening in the background. But just before we touched down we flew over this large plot of land that looked like a weed and reed dump. This is a VERY cleaned up view.

At the time I remember thinking, I am going to one of the most beautiful cities in the world and this swamp dump is the last thing I'll see before we land? When hubby proofs this for me he is going to say: "Carol, no one is going to think you can actually remember this first impression." Well, hold on Bucko! I also remembered that I also thought to myself, I've only been away from my mom for less than 24 hours and I am already thinking like her!!! She was always big on getting your first impressions right.

I always thought this unsightly blight was a struggle over money between the city and SFO and who should pay to clean it up. Little did I know that in 1967, the SF Garter Snake was declared an endangered species and that this 180 acre dump is the protected home for the largest known population of garter snakes. Here's a pic of this beauty! Did you know?

A friend of mine asked me to design a series of Twisted Sister Chokers for her shop. Before I make a mass of them from freshwater pearls and other gemstones, I thought I would ask your opinion. Do you like and would you wear this? Click Pic for more details.

There's no such thing as too much BLING!!!

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