New Meaning to Hearing Crickets!

New Meaning to Hearing Crickets!

New Meaning to Hearing Crickets!

If you've been reading my Twisted Sister Newsletter for some time, you will appreciate that I subscribe to some pretty weird sites. I like getting interesting material for these emails.  For the last 5 or 6 months I've been getting several emails a month about eating Crickets. Say what???? My hubby still teases me about eating a slug when we were in Hong Kong so I never open the email until yesterday. The heading was, "Crickets - The New Gateway Bug." I couldn't resist. 

The email was from Atlas Obscura advertising an online cooking class called "
Chirp Thrills: Cooking Crickets With Chef Joseph Yoon"   You can click on the title for more info. But I have put the cart in front of the horse. Why is eating crickets all the rage?

You can click the picture above for all the benefits of eating crickets but here are just a few facts:
1. We've been eating crickets for thousands of years.
2. Crickets have higher protein than chicken, lamb or pork.
3. Crickets have 180% higher iron than beef.
4. Crickets are Environmentally Friendly Protein alternative.
5. Very Gut Friendly.

1. People who are allergic to shellfish may be allergic to Crickets.

Armed with all this new knowledge I'm off to my monthly Food Bank (of course!) meeting. I got the "Too Late Tommy O'neil Award. The positive stories I heard from the other members are too numerous to mention but if you or someone you know have protein, iron or gut issues you might want to look into at the very least cricket powder. Please let me know if this helped?

Had a run on my Purple Twisted Sisters this week. New replacement. Click Pic for more detail.


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