Now He Tells Me! It only took 33 years!!!

Now He Tells Me! It only took 33 years!!!

Now He Tells Me! It only took 33 years!!!

We Eat Healthy.... Mostly!

We do indulge in guilty pleasures occasionally. (Truthfully, more so during Covid.)  When we were younger, I would make a big juicy burger with French Fries.  Now we changed it to A Beyond Burger.  Good but still sinful!

So after 33 years, Hubby explains that he dislikes my French Fries. I believe he said they were overcooked and awful. Ouch! He then went on to explain that he would be in charge of the French Fries that evening. Fine! (Secretly, I thought ketchup saved anything but I guess I was wrong all these years!)

Sure enough the French Fries were wonderful! After much cajoling, he agreed to tell me so I could share the secret with YOU! You can watch the YouTube Video HERE but I wanted you to know the Full Secret: Video doesn't mention using a convection oven (KEY) and that the convection oven settings on a regular oven are basically the same thing as an air fryer. Don't forget to reduce the package instruction by 25% for both time and temperature. Best kitchen hack I've seen. You will never cook frozen french fries the old way again.

Please let me know if you try it and had the kind of success we had!

Getting ready for Hidden in the Hills in Nov. and the Holidays, I made the following: (Click Pic for Details)


I hope you will check out my friend Carolyn Brockhaus's new Website. Carolyn sells amazing clothing at even MORE amazing prices. 

There's no such thing as too much BLING!!!

Be Safe and Let's Chat Soon,



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