Now This is a Colorful Treat!

Now This is a Colorful Treat!

Now This is a Colorful Treat!

Before Moving To Arizona, I Didn't Know This.

 Arizona Has Spectacular Sunsets And I Mean SPECTACULAR! Here Are Just A Couple I Captured Just Recently.

And, I'm Not A Professional Photographer! God Did All The Work Here! So This Got Me Thinking About The Aurora Borealis. During College I Had The Pleasure Of Working On Mackinac Island In The Summer And Got To See The Northern Lights Quite Regularly. I Didn't Realize There Was A Group Of Folks Called The Aurora Hunters And They Just Published This Years Collection. Here Are Some Of My Favorites.

Aren't They Beautiful? Wanted To Give You A Color Treat To Start The New Year.

Speaking Of A Color Treat, This Is What I Made From Cheryl's Buttons. Do You Like?

There's no such thing as too much BLING!!!

Happy New Year and Let's Chat Soon,



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