Now This Is An Omission!!!

Now This Is An Omission!!!

Now This Is An Omission!!!

I've always been fascinated by the building of bridges.

My grandmother's house was on the Blanchard River and the civil engineers decided it was time for a new bridge as the last one got swept away in "The Flood". (That is a whole other story!) Every day after school I would sit for hours watching them remove the old and construct the new so I guess this is how my fascination began. Great babysitter BTW!

Recently I saw an article entitled 27 Inspiring Bridges and just had to take a look. The very last one brought back wonderful memories for me. As you may recall I spent my college summers working at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. Here is my room in the hotel.

And what a wonderful view I had of the great Mackinac Bridge sans the snow.

Which got me wondering how another of my favorite bridges did not make the cut?

Just doesn't seem right. does it?

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