Now this is Pruning the Fat!!!

Now this is Pruning the Fat!!!

Now this is Pruning the Fat!!!

You must be feeling Pruny?

My Grandmother would ask me this whenever I was cranky. I always thought that was odd because I loved prunes. Grandma had a beautiful plum tree and we loved the whole ceremony of picking and drying the prunes.

When I moved to California my best friend had a plum orchard outside of Sacramento and I always loved to visit and help harvest the plums. My signature dish in the eighties was The Silver Palette's Chicken Marbella. (Click pic for recipe)

As a dyed in the wool prune lover, I was fascinated to learn that in the early 2000s the California Prune Board decided the Prune need a marketing makeover. Huh???

It turns out that young people today think of all dried fruit as healthy except the prune. Prunes are thought of for only OLD people and the "movement" problem. What to do? What to do? The California Prune Board changed it's name to the California Dried Plum Board. Phew! That's a relief and then they got to the heart of the matter.

The Board convinced the FDA to mix hamburger and prune puree together for a healthier hamburger and fed it to thousands of middle schoolers! So the Pruneburger was a hit, sort of. Everything went swimmingly until there was a prune shortage and prune puree became too expensive. Disgruntled Board Members blame it on the name - Pruneburger instead of Dried Plum Burger but you know the truth!

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