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Now you know the rest of the story?

Carol Tenwalde

My family had lots of endearing expressions that I haven't thought about in years and then just the other day my brother used one. It got me thinking about you and yours.  I know you have some really great ones to share. Please do and I'll help you get started.

When my parents would go bowling, dancing or whatever when they would leave we would say as our goodbye, "Win that Pops a Ball".  Or, when my Dad would make a certain card play that earned him 2 points he would say, TUE and throw down his card. (My Hubby says I need to explain Tue for Two) Silly stuff really but these expressions bring back such joyous memories. Please share....

So remember the expression "Where's the Beef" uttered by  Clara Peller in a Wendy's Commercial? You can click HERE to refresh your memory. 

After this commercial aired Wendy's stores across the board got a 10% bump in revenue over the previous year. However, corporate executives had a cow, (No Pun Intended) when they saw Peller in a Prego spaghetti sauce spot, exclaiming, “I found it!” She never appeared in another Wendy’s ad. Sadly Clara died in 1985, Wendy's claimed she made $500,000 but in reality she made $317.40 per day. I doubt the commercial took almost 1600 days to make. Only the IRS knows for sure.

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