OMG! There has been a merger!

OMG! There has been a merger!

OMG! There has been a merger!
I need to keep my Twisted Sisters ahead of the curve....
Saying we are in crazy times sounds trite at best but I wanted you to be in the Pink when it comes to Political Correctness. If you're like me you don't care but I did find this interesting. Did you know that there are organizations that decide what words should be banned from the Queen's English for Mis-use, Over-use and General Uselessness? Want to take a guess as to what the number one word was?

Wait for it --- COLLUSION! Well what a relief we solved that problem. This got me thinking about words we rarely hear anymore.

When people would ask my Dad how he was he would say "Just Dandy." (I think it is interesting that my husband says "Just Peachy." You know that you marry your father thingy.) But I digress.

I can't tell you the last time I heard "Dandy" and then I saw this article about 100  year anniversaries in 2018. Low and behold  the Dandy Horse was patented 100 years ago. Notice anything missing?
The dandy horse was the first human-powered, two-wheeled vehicle, and at first glance, it looks an awful lot like the modern bike—just more wooden, and rickety, and unbearably uncomfortable. But it’s missing a rather significant component: There are no pedals, and riders had to operate the dandy horse by walking it along, gathering speed until they could coast for a while.

Here is a new piece I just created. Do you think it is "Dandy"?

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