OMG! Was the Mona Lisa a Selfie?

OMG! Was the Mona Lisa a Selfie?

OMG! Was the Mona Lisa a Selfie?

Do you know about the Mona Lisa Effect?

The “Mona Lisa effect,” or the maddening, fascinating impression that a portrait’s fixed gaze is following you around the room. Even though we know the eyes aren’t moving, the feeling is certainly real.

Thank you Leonardo! You were a wizard with color and light! Oh, but not so fast! It turns out that this illusion is not an illusion at all. Instead scientist have found it is not caused by the artistry but instead it's the person that is looking at the painting that causes the effect. What? 

Here is the exact wording: 
 “Thus, it is clear that the term ‘Mona Lisa Effect’ is nothing but a misnomer.” It says more about the viewer, actually. “It illustrates the strong desire to be looked at and to be someone else’s center of attention—to be relevant to someone, even if you don’t know the person."

So now we know the real reason behind "Selfies" - We need to be the center of the universe at all times! I'd put my selfie here but I don't have spackling on!!!
If you are fascinated by eyes as I am, you might enjoy this article "The eyes have it."
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