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Presto Chango! Oh, If Only Life Were This Easy????

Carol Tenwalde

I know you don't want to be reminded of all the pumpkin pie you ate last week but this is interesting (I promise!)....


With all that is going on politically we can't help but think the world is NUTS! But I find solace in knowing that political craziness is not new and that we will survive. I recently saw this 1860 article about American politicians in the South blaming Thanksgiving for spreading Yankee values. What??? You see celebrating Thanksgiving was meant to unify people but the 19th-century campaign to make Thanksgiving a permanent holiday was seen by prominent Southerners as a culture war. They considered it a Northern holiday intended to force New England values on the rest of the country. To them, pumpkin pie, a Yankee food, was a deviously sweet symbol of anti-slavery sentiment. Lordy, we're just talking about pie. But the solution was quite ingenious. Change Pumpkin to Sweet Potato and Presto Chango we came together as a country to celebrate Thanksgiving. Ah, if only all problems could be disguised and evaporate so quickly.
Me? I just chose to make some Orange Stuff.




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