Serendipity Strikes AGAIN!

Serendipity Strikes AGAIN!

Serendipity Strikes AGAIN!

Maybe things really are getting back to normal....

Before Covid I would talk about the Serendipity of Words and Thoughts. At times I felt like someone was shadowing me as I would see or hear something and then hours later someone would mention a related topic. It was great for me as Blogger but honestly it did kind of creep me out.

Tulips are one of my favorite flowers and I have written about them many times. So of course I was interested in this article about Tulip Soup and other Tulip Dishes making a Gourmet resurgence in Amsterdam. In the who knew department, did you know that Tulips are very high in calories? And, thanks to the glut of Tulips in WWII the Dutch were able to survive the food famine and the war by eating Tulips. You can read the full story complete with recipes HERE. You can image why so many of the older Dutch folks want nothing to do with Tulip food! In the serendipity department it reminded me of my recent blog on Cougar Cheese that my Dad wouldn't allow in our house. Full story HERE.

But the serendipity isn't over yet, next I see this beautiful picture.

These are the Tulip Stairs which were the first geometric self-supporting spiral stairs built in 1635 in Britain by architect Inigo Jones in the Queen’s House in Greenwich.

So pretty picture, Carol Ann, Where's the Beef. Hold on Grasshopper. In 1966, the Tulip Stairs earned an altogether different kind of fame. The retired Canadian reverend R. W. Hardy and his wife were visiting Queen’s House and took some photos of the Tulip Stairs. Upon developing the photos on their return home, they discovered that one photo had captured a particularly chilling image. Now considered a classic paranormal artifact, the photo seems to show a shrouded spectral figure climbing the stairs, possibly in pursuit of a second figure.


Click the pic for the full story!

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