Sexism Causes Allergies! What next???

Sexism Causes Allergies! What next???

Sexism Causes Allergies! What next???

When will we ever learn?

Mother Nature is not to be messed with and here is just another amazing example. Do you remember when you were a child doctors would advise people that had any kind of respiratory problems to move to Arizona?

Now that I live in Az. I have noticed an inordinate amount of people are complaining of allergies. So I started thinking about what happened. If you are someone who suffers from allergies this will not make you feel any better but you will know the cause. The cause is sexism! No I am not nuts or a raging feminist.
April’s pollenpocalypse hanging over the city of Durham

It all started in the 1960s when  a virulent strain of Dutch elm disease, a fungal illness spread by the bark beetle, stowed away on a shipment of logs from Britain. The fungus wiped out some of American cities’ longest-lived trees and left many streets almost entirely devoid of green or shade. By 1989, an estimated 75 percent of North America’s 77 million elms were dead.

City planners consulted with the leading botanist of the time for what trees to plant as replacements for the dying elms. The botanist reasoned that the elms should be replaced my all male trees. (Didn't know trees had a sex.) They selected males because they didn't want the streets littered with flowers, fruit or seeds. Big mistake! ALL MALE TREES DO IS MAKE TONS OF POLLEN! Sadly if they had chosen females none of this would have happened as the female trees would never be pollinated. No Males!
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