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Sing is So Yesterday...

Carol Tenwalde

A few years back for a significant birthday my husband took me to Ireland. We stayed at the beautiful Ashford Castle. At dinner in the Castle, a Classic Irish Beauty approached our table and asked me if I had a Party Piece. Not knowing what a Party Piece was I said No. Then she invited us to her Pub for after dinner drinks. ย The place was jumping and every one was singing along to whomever was on stage. It turns out every respectable Irishman has a Party Piece. ย A Party Piece is any ditty that expresses your talent. People from the audience got up and sang, recited poetry or danced. ย About an hour into it the Irish Beauty called me to the stage. Oh! Dear. She asked me what I would like to sing and handed me a song book. Oh wait! ย It gets WORSE. ย It's a cappella! ย Thus began the longest most humiliating 3 minutes of my life. I am a Blonde in the headlights and she opens the book to YESTERDAY. Yesterday sung at it's best can be pitchy and I did pitchy proud. ย When I returned to my table, I asked my husband just how dreadful was I? ย He said I should have sung Happy Birthday. ย Now why didn't I think of that?

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