So That is Why They are So Darn Smart!

So That is Why They are So Darn Smart!

So That is Why They are So Darn Smart!

I was recently asked what was my favorite destination?

Without hesitation I said Israel. On our visits the Bible came to life for my Jewish hubby and the Torah for me. But now with further reflection It really is the uniqueness of the Israelis. Let me give you an example.

When we were checking out of the Kind David in Jerusalem Hubby asked the clerk about an item on the bill he didn't understand. Next thing I see is our Bellman is arguing with the clerk and then our Taxi Driver jumps in and the three of them are duking it out. Very calmly but yet very exercised. In the end the item was removed and we left. Hubby never had to say another word. 

This incident was repeated over and over again in different scenarios. I wrote it off as the Israelis are very bright and regardless of their job they don't believe in the caste system.

So I know that many of you reading this were teachers so I hope you will stick with me for the real explanation. I was partly right about the intelligence of the the Israeli's but it is so much more. 

It all starts with a Hebrew word 
Balagan which means Mess. The theory goes that growing up in a Chaotic Mess can lead to extreme Creativity. 

In her new book Chutzpah, Why Israel is a Hub of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Inbal Arieli, an Israeli entrepreneur who was an officer in an elite Israeli army intelligence unit, argues that the small nation ranks third in the World Economic Forum Innovation Rating and attracts more venture capital per capita than any other country on the planet because people there are trained at an early age to play with balagan.

I'll let you read the full story HERE but essentially young Israeli school children play with discarded Junk at recess rather than toys and they learn at an early age to make order out of chaos. I find this fascinating and I hope you will read the rest of the article and learn how to change from a stressed out Control Freak to a Go With the Flow kind of person. 

Would love your thoughts! (After reading this, my Hubby wanted to know what Brilliant Items I have been creating from my MESSY She Shed? Pow Zoom!)

Made a few Chokers this week. Do you like?


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