So What's in a Name?

So What's in a Name?

So What's in a Name?

There are so many things that are annoying us now....

So instead of dwelling on these annoyances, I started to think of the things that used to drive me nuts. In hindsight they were so trivial that they are laughable now. Here is just one example, I grew up in a small town named Ottawa in Ohio. If I had a dollar for every time someone said, "Where's your Canadian accent?" I'd be beyond wealthy.

So when I saw this article about weird yet funny US town names I had to read it. Instead of just letting you read about it I decided to have a little fun with it. The parody goes like this:

When my parents moved to Ottawa from Unalaska  (AK) they opened a breakfast diner called Two Egg (FL). When my mother turned 40 my dad decided to go to Humptulips (WA) for the honeymoon they never had. Sure enough 9 months later my sister was born and has always been know as the Accident (MD). Dad always wondered what would have happened it they had gone to Intercourse (PA) instead? With this family history, I was not surprised my future Hubby was from  Belchertown (MA). When people make fun of his hometown he jokes it always could be worse. It could be Boogervile (NC). and I say, Oh, go to Hell (MI).

You can read how the towns got these funny names HERE.

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