Some things I just don't understand!😩😩😩

Some things I just don't understand!😩😩😩

Some things I just don't understand!😩😩😩

I'm always amazed at the things that interest certain buyers. When I'm showing my Sari Ribbon line, as soon as I say they're made from recycled Indian Saris everyone's ears perk up and now they want to hold it and touch it. Personally, for me it's the beautiful colors and that the pieces are weightless.

Along those lines, I see a story on Instagram about Jewelry made from Fordite. It had a gazillion likes and shares so I read it. I found a similar story on Atlas Obscura and you can read the full story 
HERE. It turns out in the 30s and 40s car manufacturers started spray painting the cars on the assembly line. Over time the over spray built up and had to be chipped away from the conveyor  belts and other equipment. The fordite was thrown out and is now a coveted treasure.

Isn't it Beautiful? You can see Fordite Jewelry at:

New Piece! It's Not Fordite but Look at this Beautiful Druzy Geode!
Click Pic for more detail!


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