Something for Everyone? I really tried.....

Something for Everyone? I really tried.....

Something for Everyone? I really tried.....

This may look like a small email but it is jammed packed....

I attend a Zoom meeting every Friday and the host's always ask if we have any weekend plans. Naturally, all 35 of us groan and moan no! That's one of the reasons I love writing this Newsletter as it forces me to find interesting tidbits. Well, this week is the mother load.

First up, Crown Shyness - I kid you not it's the forest's version of Social Distancing to prevent disease and predators. You can read this amazing story HERE! Take a look at this picture closely. See it? It's like a mosaic.

Now you are in for a real visual treat!!!!  These are simply mind blowing and no wonder ancient man worshiped trees... Click Pic!

Saving the best for last. I am involved in a Fall 2020 Fine Arts Online Auction and that starts 9/20 but you can preview and register for the auction at

Auction bidding runs September 20-27th. Mark your calendars.

Here is a video of some of the amazing artists in this show. The auction supports World Central Kitchen.

Let's Chat Soon!!!

Forward this email to your friends and have them sign up HERE!


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