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Something Positive From Covid????

Carol Tenwalde

I've been in search of something positive that came out of the two years of Covid. For every I lost 20 pounds story, I heard many more I gained 20 etc. So I can just hear my Hubby saying, "Boy, you're really stretching now, Carol Ann." But it is a positive! Albeit maybe tiny.

Elizabeth Derryberry, associate professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, had been studying how noise affects the white-crowned sparrow’s song for close to two decades when the pandemic began its 2020 surge. In San Francisco’s high-noise urban environment, the birds historically sang higher amplitude, higher frequency songs. But in April and May of 2020, suddenly they no longer had to shout over the traffic to be heard. Consequently, the birds started singing much more methodical beautiful songs. The great thing is now that the urban noise is back to normal it doesn't appear the birds have changed their tune. You can read and listen to the profs recordings HERE.

Thank you all for your very positive response to my headband idea.  Click the pic below for more information. More colors will be added every day!

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