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Sonoran Desert Visual Spring Journey

Carol Tenwalde

I'm in the process of moving...

as many of you know I have left California and are now living in Arizona. It's funny reflecting on our last two moves. When we moved to the Palm Springs area it was the hottest day of that year topping 119 degrees and when we moved to Arizona we had the most snow accumulation on record. So if you're not happy with your weather please invite us to move to your town!!!Β 

The beautiful thing is that with all of the moisture we have received this year the Sonoran Desert is alive with colorful blooms some of which haven't been seen in years. I just had to share this short video with you. Just click on the pic but if you are not a Facebook person just scroll to the bottom for all the pics.

More new jewelry designs next week but feel free to visit my website. Always something new there.

Let's chat soon,


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