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Special Shared Christmas Memories!

Carol Tenwalde

My Grandmother and Mother went ALL out for Christmas ....
shortly after Halloween both ladies would rid every room of knick-knacks and slowly transform every surface into a Christmas display. My husband being Jewish thought I was beyond nuts when I did the same. Curiously enough I saw this Facebook post that said that people who put their decorations up before Christmas are happier people. So There!

This week I went to a new friends house who has my family's addiction on steroids. We spent hours together giggling over the stories of her ornaments and that was when I saw one of my favorite ornaments from my Mom. What are the odds? Here is a picture of the shared ornament.
This is my second year without my Mom and all of my ornaments are in storage so it was a bittersweet moment for me. I thought you might like this Atlas Obscura article on cherished holiday decorations. You can click HERE.
I have included two of my favs:
Moose Menorah
I swear we had one just like this!
I hope you will take a moment to read the rest of the stories and be touched as I was.
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Happy Holidays,

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