Stop Playing with Your Food - Or Else!!!

Stop Playing with Your Food - Or Else!!!

Stop Playing with Your Food - Or Else!!!

Do you have a finicky eater in your life?

My brother was an impossible eater as a child. He would just move things around on his plate. Needless to say he was rail thin and we all started to worry. It was my wonderful grandmother who saved the day. She would take the food and make scenes on his dinner plate.The one I remember was taking a hot dog bun and propping it open like a sofa. The hot dog was placed on the bun and decorated to look like a person sleeping. Ketchup and mustard were used as paints. Sorry I don't have a picture but you get the idea. My brother would then eat each item separately. Body, Sofa, Chair etc. No logic but it worked.

I haven't thought about this in decades until I saw this story about an artist that was in a creative rut. She challenged herself to make dinner plate art every day for 33 days. Can you imagine? Here are just a few of her many creations.

Slightly better than my Grandmother's attempts but I hope you enjoyed “Red” Hong Yi’s creativity.

Please don't get all mad at me regardless of whether you are a fan or not I just couldn't resist showing you this. I call it Hamming it UP!

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