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Strange Bedfellows or Maybe Not????

Carol Tenwalde

I never paid that much attention to the 5 stages of grief...

because I figured it wasn't like running a marathon and you say, "Only 24 miles to go!" But I was surprised by the solace a recent  Mindfulness Painting Class I took at Evolve Yoga. First we had a beautiful Meditation by David Vasquez. He spoke of thinking about abundance and I couldn't help thinking about a sentence from one of the sympathy cards I received that said, "Your joy is your sorrow unmasked. The deeper your sorrow  carves into your being the more joy you can contain." Then the artist, Vicky, said we should take these thoughts of abundance and paint them in a series of 3 paintings. Here's the kicker, you have to paint with your left hand (if you're right handed). Oh boy this will be interesting!

The Abundance of my Mother's Love For All of Us.

The Abundance of my Mother's Love For All of Us.

My Father Spreading His Love Through Each of Us.

Now We Are All Alone and On Our Own.

It was a very cathartic and healing experience and if you're in the Desert, I highly recommend it. It is Sunday's at 4:30 at Evolve Yoga in La Quinta. You can reach out to Vicky at: and I would love to see you on the mat at Evolve Yoga!
So speaking of Art I just had to share with you my Mom's last painting she did before she died. She was so proud of it and so am I!


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