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Stupid is as Stupid Does! I just love this expression.

Carol Tenwalde

The Twisted Sister has a New Look.

I have been thinking about altering the Twisted Sister look for some time now. So many of you have asked me to slim it down AKA The Twisted Sister on a Diet! But first I need to tell you about Mary Walker and changing looks.

Mary Walker is the First and Only Woman to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor, the country’s highest award for wartime valor. This award was given to Mary by Andrew Johnson in 1865. Mary graduated Medical School with honors in 1855 and wanted to become a surgeon. At the time, a woman surgeon was called an "Abomination". When the Civil War broke out she applied as an army surgeon and was rejected. So she did the next logical thing she followed the battles and volunteered at the nearest army field hospital. She later was taken prisoner and spent 4 months in a Confederate prison. When she was released in a prisoner exchanged she went back to being a self appointed army surgeon for which she won her medal. So this should be enough to be historically famous. Right? No, Mary Walker is known for two other reasons. She did not believe women needed a Constitutional Amendment to vote as the Constitution begins with We The People and the last time she checked women were people. And..... wait for it....She refused to wear petticoats, bloomers or corsets. People accused her of wearing Men's Clothing.  “I don’t wear men’s clothes, I wear my own clothes which are much for hygienic.”

Consider the typical outfit for women of a certain class in the late 1850s: a chemise and drawers, a tight-fitting corset, a crinoline cage underskirt, petticoats, a dress, stockings, and slippers. The long skirts dragged in the dirt, spreading disease; crinolines were flammable; corsets were constricting; and fabrics were frequently dyed with arsenic. It was a hazardous and uncomfortable time for women’s fashion, and Walker wanted to change that. Mary's practical LOOK!

See below for my new slimmed down version of the Twisted Sister. Please tell me what you think of this new design and I am selling this new design for a short time for $59.00 or 40% off. If your choice is sold out just email me and I'll create one for you. 


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