Talk about Radioactive!

Talk about Radioactive!

Talk about Radioactive!

Perhaps you may recall that pre-Covid I wrote that many times I felt like I was being followed...

If you would like to read it again click HERE.  A few weeks back our book club read Radium Girls by Kate Moore. (Its a great book if you haven't read it.) It's about the women that painted luminescent watch dials in the 1920s and the terrible side affects that caused. Then I see this story that really takes me back to my childhood. My Grandmother collected what we called Vaseline Glass. I loved it because it glowed. (My early Bling Period!!!)

Well it turns out it glowed because it was made with radioactive uranium (Its byproduct is Radium). Prior to World War II, and well before its potential for energy or weaponry was recognized, uranium was commonly used as a coloring agent in everything from plates, glasses, and punch bowls to vases, candlesticks, and beads.

I must admit I did have a small fright after reading about what happened to the Radium Girls and thinking about the hours I spent handling and drinking and eating off of Grandma's plates. Fortunately the article goes on to say: Although uranium glassware does register on a handheld Geiger counter, the radiation amounts are considered negligible and on par with radiation emitted from other everyday items such as smoke detectors and cell phones. Phew!

I'm curious if any of you remember this glass?

Here are some new designs. Like?


There's no such thing as too much BLING!!! 

Be Safe and Let's Chat Soon,

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