Talk about surprising facts! Who knew?

Talk about surprising facts! Who knew?

Talk about surprising facts! Who knew?

When it comes to Maps, I know I am Map Challenged.

I joke that I could get lost in an elevator and I blame it all on my parents. You see growing up in Ohio, we only traveled North and South. So when I moved to San Francisco, I was in big trouble. Direction givers would tell me to head towards the East Bay. East, What's East? Then they would say, head towards the water. Well San Francisco is a pennisula. It's surrounded on three sides by water. Sadly for me, GPS was still decades away.

Then I saw this Headline: 

Most Canadians Live South of Seattle and Other Map Surprises

We’re so wrong about directions and locations of many countries.

If you would like to read more astoundinig map facts just click the pic above.

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