The Code Language of Couples!

The Code Language of Couples!

The Code Language of Couples!

For the past year we've been looking for a place to settle...

Which translates to looking at tons of properties. When you really like your realtor you don't want to hurt their feelings by telling them a place is awful. So my hubby and I had a code saying which was: "Well the place has High Ceilings and Low Floors." Although it is sarcastic it sounds nicer than this place sucks!
I was humored when I was looking for necklace inspirations and came across this ceiling. Tell me it doesn't look like a center pendant on an exquisite necklace!!!!

So in keeping with low floors, doesn't this ceiling look like a rug?
Now I know I am being snarky and I have to admit I have never been to West Virginia but look at this beautiful ceiling! I just would not have guessed it was in W. Virginia. Sorry, I admit my bad!
But my favorite is this Chagall Ceiling in Paris.
If you would like to see all the incredible ceilings in this article please click HERE.
Some New Necklaces:

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