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The Death of French Fries!

Carol Tenwalde

In the small Ohio town I grew up in, we didn't have any fast food restaurants. The closest we had was Dairy Queen. So when we went to the big city, Lima, we always wanted a hamburger and fries. My Mom's place of choice was Kewpee. (Ever Been?) Note: Kewpee is the second oldest fast food chain in the country behind White Castle. The location we went to is still in operation and the building is considered a historic site.

All was at peace with the Tenwalde's unless my Dad was with us on our excursions to Lima. He insisted we go to McDonald's because they had the best french fries. On the half hour drive to Lima the fur would fly until they would flip a coin and invariable my Mom would win maybe 90% of  time. Knowing Dad, he probable cheated to keep the peace so I can't vouch for whether McD's had better french fries. This whole childhood memory came crashing back when I read the story about how one man's heart attack in 1966 killed McDonald's delicious French Fries and started the quest to find the original recipe.  You can read the full very interesting story HERE. If you scroll to the very end you can get the recipe.  

I would love to hear from you and do you remember these French Fries? Now I really wished I had paid more attention. Yet, if you're lazy like me, you can always reread my French Fry Secret from a few months ago. HERE.

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