The Eyes Have It!

The Eyes Have It!

The Eyes Have It!

Talk about Necessity Being the Mother of Invention....

In this crazy mixed up world it is hard not to really appreciate such a simple and elegant solution to a serious problem. It all started 4 years ago with a massive surge of revenge killings in Botswana that threatened their endangered lions.

In Botswana Cow farmers can't afford to fence their land so the cows roam the bush and the lions prey on the cows. The government only reimburses the farmer about 20% of what the cow is worth. So you can see how animosity builds and the farmer hunts and kills the lions which are not only endangered but contribute significantly to the tourist trade.  The solution? Eye Spots....

The “eye-cows” spots are the result of a four-year study released earlier this month by an international team of scientists seeking the coexistence of cattle farmers and lions. And while butt-faced cows may seem like a joke, the problems they stand to solve are dead serious.

 So it turns out that lions like the element of surprise when they attack. By painting Butt Eyes on the cows they feel they have lost the surprise element and the hunt is over before it begins. Beautiful! Win! Win!

Only time will tell if the lions will figure out the ruse but it is working for now!

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