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The Fashion Police are After Me!

Carol Tenwalde

Yesterday, I had to work at the Art Gallery. When I walked in everyone started questioning me about why I dressed up. I explained that I was sick of my Covid Uniform of  a Golf Shirt and Yoga Pants!  I further explained that now when I go into my closet I feel like I'm shopping a new line of clothing at Macy's plus everything is in my size. (Sort of: All those extra Covid Pounds!!!)

This lead me to think of all the stupid clothing rules and regulations I suffered in Catholic School.  Two of my faves were kneeling at the altar and sent home if your skirt bottom didn't touch the floor. My other fave was putting pants not shorts on under your skirt when you went out to recess. When you couple this with being pudgy as a kid it's a wonder I have any fashion sense at all. If you have any unusual fashion police stories from you past I would love to hear from you.

I thought you might enjoy this story about The Hidden Rules of the Puritan Fashion Police. Can you imagine being fined for wearing a silk hood? Click Pic for the full details:

New Pieces for Mother's Day! Treat Yourself! Click Pic for more detail!



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