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The Goofy Things I Remember....

Carol Tenwalde

Growing up my brother's and I called Saturday "Slave Day". This was a product of having a mom who worked full time. Saturday was the day to fully clean the house. Ugh! We would start at 9:00 sharp. Being the oldest I got all the sucko jobs but that is another story. For lunch the last thing we wanted to do was cook and mess up the now spotless kitchen. So it was my job to make bread sandwiches. These consisted of a slice of Wonder Bread and your choice of topping of either catsup, mustard or mayo. My brother's and mom dad always had catsup and I had mayo (Miracle Whip). I then and to this day am not a fan of red sauce. Good thing I'm not married to an Italian!

I was very surprised to learn that until the late 1800s there were many interesting favor combinations that I might have liked but there was one small problem fermentation. When manufacturers started to mass produce these various catsup versions the fermentation caused the bottles to explode. So to prevent this danger producers added benzoates a preservative. I'll let you read the entire story HERE
. Henry Heinz won the preservative free Catsup War but the real casualty was favor. There are several craft ketchup makers today and I would love to know if any of you have a favorite? Let me know....

I'm looking for some feedback. In person showtime is nearing and I'm looking for new accessories. What do you think of this headband idea? Would you wear it or would you give it as a gift? Would love to hear your thoughts before I start making these in lots of colors! Thanks so much!!!

Let's chat soon,



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