The Serendipity of Conversations!

The Serendipity of Conversations!

The Serendipity of Conversations!

I have mentioned this before but sometimes...

serendipity kind of creeps me out. The other day I went to lunch with some of my book club buddies that also volunteer at the library. They were all excited because the day before a huge shipment of old donated books arrived. Lo and behold one of the larger books had a large carved out section that contained a revolver. OMG! What to do? So they called the local police.

When the police arrived my pals were surprised that they were being interrogated like it was a crime scene. Questions like, Did you touch it? Had you seen this before? etc. The police were just doing their jobs but we talked about how uncomfortable it is to be accused of a crime. The rest of lunch we told hilarious stories of things we had been accused of that we couldn't prove we didn't do. (Maybe next week!)

When I got home I got an email about 13 missing wallets from the 1940s that were found in a school remodel in Illinois. It was that creepy feeling again. You can read the full story HERE but I wanted to share the best part.

One of the wallets belonged to an 89 year old women and it contained a photo of her brother from WWII and she was so pleased to retrieve it as she doesn't  have a photo of her long departed brother. I just love this!


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