The Terrifying Tomato!

The Terrifying Tomato!

The Terrifying Tomato!

It started with a commission.

I forgot to mention last week when I was talking about tomato superstitions that I went down this path because I was asked to create a necklace in tomato red and that got me wondering if anyone else had issues with tomatoes. This is how I found all the history about tomatoes and witchcraft. As promised here is my story. 
Necklace Man Loves Corn 
My Dad, Bob, loves corn on the cob. You all met Necklace Making Bob. 

Every Friday night in the summer when the corn was ripe, Dad would build a bonfire under a huge cauldron filled with water. My brother and I would run through the corn field and pick the corn and then husk it. When the water boiled, in goes the corn and 10 minutes later Mom and Grandma would come out with huge plates of sliced tomatoes and fried potatoes. We had picnic tables set up and friends and neighbors would come by. I felt like the Non Traveling Corn Circus. Sounds idyllic, Right?
Tomato Boils - Terrifying!
Well it was about 6 weeks or so later that my Grandpa, Dad and my Brother Gary started getting these HUGE Gross Boils that took months to go away. As a preteen, it terrified me. It turns out that this is a common side effect for many people from the acid in eating too many tomatoes. Needless to say my love affair with the tomato was OVER! 
Bye Bye Red Sauce!
But Carol that was a thousand years ago what's the big deal? Unfortunately my wonderful husband's favorite food is Italian which equals RED SAUCE! Enter the Red Sauce Free Zone!!

Here's the necklace. I hope she likes it!

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