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The title of this piece was going to be From Russia with Love BUT...

Carol Tenwalde

I have been thinking about this piece for a few days now....

but I was shocked to think I had completely misread the title. This got me thinking about how our brains are really subconscious sponges. Here is what happened.

As you know I love glass and you might remember from one of my earlier post I even wanted to be a glassblower so when I saw this article about a new Chihuly building built to house his collection in St. Petersburg I mentally assumed it was in Russia. Even though it specifically said FLORIDA! You don't have to be a mental genius to figure out why but I did think it was an interesting example of the subconscious effects the media has on us. But enough of this political Blah Blah Blah.

If you are going to be in Florida this year please checkout this beautiful exhibit. (Click pic for details.)
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