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The White House Christmas Tree Comes OUT of the Closet!!!!

Carol Tenwalde

Do you take your Christmas Tree Traditions for Granted?
Every year I ogle over all the beautiful Christmas Trees and I think of all the wonderful memories I have of decorating them over the years with people I love. But what about the first White House Christmas Tree? If asked, you would naturally assume it was one of the First Ladies but very far from it. It was actually Teddy Roosevelt's 8 year old son Archie.
You see,Teddy was a strict environmentalist and believed trees were to remain outside. He also believed that the German Christmas Tree Tradition would decimate our forest. But to appease his 6 children he would take them to the Episcopal Church to see their beautifully decorated tree. Young Archie had had enough. With the help of a steward he smuggled a 2 foot fir tree into an unused closet and slowly trussed it up. On Christmas morning when everyone exchanged presents, Archie presented his tree and thus the beginning of the White House Christmas Tree.
 But these legends, cute as they are, miss the point of Archie’s triumph. His true legacy comes from turning his father’s best-known maxim against him. If you want to win against the most powerful man in the world, speak softly and carry a big stick—or a small tree.
Do you have time for just one more? The Nutcracker.
My friend Mela did a fabulous job doing the history of the Nutcracker and the family that has been creating them for over 200 years. You can read it in its entirety by clicking here. I was surprised to learn that the Nutcracker did not become popular in this country until after WWII when returning soldiers brought them home. There is so much more in the article.
Getting you into the Christmas Spirit!
Merry Christmas Sisters!
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