The Wild Wild West's Version of

The Wild Wild West's Version of

The Wild Wild West's Version of

It's all in the wording...

Can you imaging in the late 19th century answering a personal ad seen in the Boston Herald from a farmer in Idaho looking for a wife? Naturally you would write a few letters back and forth and when Spring arrived you would jump in a covered wagon and hightail it to Idaho and get hitched on the day of your arrival. What could possibly go wrong?

It turns out that men in the Western States out numbered women 200-1. If these are terrible odds the government exacerbated the problem by issuing 320 acres of land per person. So married couples got 640 acres.  This lead to newspapers running pages and pages of personal ads.  New papers sprung up like Matrimonial News that only ran marriage ads. 

It cost a whopping 25 cents to post an ad. But what was the advertising secret to success? Just two little word, Of Means!

One chap out West used the words to advertise for a wife. It worked like a charm.” In response to his ad, he allegedly received 794 letters, 24 shirt buttons, 17 locks of hair, 13 daguerrotypes and two gold rings. Sadly the article didn't mention if he got a wife!

Cute story Carol Ann but why bring it up? Turns out because of Covid and working remotely, people are learning they don't need to be stressed in high rise office buildings and cramped expensive city apartments.  They are fleeing to remote country areas but guess what? They still need husbands or wives. Social media is alive with ads advertising a different way of life. Just like the personal ads of yesteryear!

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